Feedback from those who have received SEED training

“This has been one of the best training sessions I have attended. It fits closely with attachment and PACE training. I strongly recommend carers and practitioners do this course. The trainer was very engaging and kept us motivated to listen and engage.”              Foster carer, Birmingham


“Found this training very useful. Underestimated how low self-esteem/worth can have such an impact on a child or young person. Believe this should be rolled out to all social workers involved with children/young people. Schools would find this training beneficial.”  Foster carer, Bridgend


“Very good training giving alternative perspective to attachment issues but clearly interacting to achieve the same result.”                                             Supervising Social Worker, Bridgend


“I found this training really helpful. It was a clearer understanding of the modern-day child’s issues. It helped offer an approach to respond to children with challenging behaviour. Really enjoyed this training.”                                                                              Foster carer, Essex


“I really enjoyed this training. I feel I learnt a lot. I’m going to put this into practise. I can see where this can benefit a child and how important self-esteem is to a child & LAC. I’m excited to put into practise! This training would be good to be rolled out in schools.”

                                                                                                 Foster carer, Hertfordshire


Very thought provoking, especially when it comes to thinking about and re-thinking about the anger reaction.”                                                                                        Foster carer, Kent

“I found the training really interesting. Can’t wait to start work with the book. Niall was excellent. Good to listen to and all the information was relevant.”                                 Foster carer, Kent


“I thought this training was brilliant, so informative and a really simple but effective concept. Within a couple of minutes you can feel how passionate Niall is about this, which made me pay attention to everything he had to say.”                                                   Foster carer, London


“This has been one of the best, most informative training courses that I have been on. There was lots to learn.”                                                                                       Foster carer, London


“This course clearly shows how self-esteem is at the root of most, if not all, areas of difficulty for foster children/teenagers. This course is thought provoking and is clear, well presented and useful for anyone working with teenagers.”                                       Foster carer, Warrington


“Great course bringing things to the forefront of our thinking and answering lots of questions about teenage children’s behaviour.”                                          Foster carer, West Berkshire