The foundation of wellbeing & achievement

9.30      Introduction: Niall Walshe & SEED

                                     An overview of my 30+ years experience

                                     working with troubled young people


9.45      Session 1: “What’s wrong with kids today!?!”

                                   Examining why low self-esteem is a significant and growing

                                   problem amongst young people

10.10    Session 2:   Understanding self-esteem

                                   Outlining the origins, scale and impact of low self-esteem

10.50    BREAK

11.10    Session 3:   Causes of low self-esteem

                                   Highlighting home-based, school-based and

                                   socially-based causes of low self-esteem

11.35    Session 4:   Raising self-esteem

                                   Learning how causes of low self-esteem can be transformed into

                                   strategies within the home to raise self-esteem.                                              

12.35    LUNCH

1.10     Session 5:   Responding to challenging behaviour

                                  Understanding the causes of challenging behaviour

                                  enables an appropriate de-escalating response

1.40     Session 6:   Healthy eating & self-worth

                                 "We are what we eat" is more true than may be realised

                                  in relation to self-esteem

2.10     Session 7: “Teenager, believe in yourself!”

                                                An explanation of how to use the book to enable your teenager to

                                 get the most of it

2.30     FINISH

NB: Times can be varied to suit each company's or organisations

particular requirements