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Feedback from those who have received SEED training

"Without SEED's intervention, my son would definitely have been permanently excluded. Instead he is now looking forward to several good passes in his GCSE's."  

                                                                                  Parent of Year 11 boy. London SW17


Your input has been a great help in informing a more compassionate and inclusive understanding of pupils' needs.”                                                 Deputy Head. Sutton, Surrey

Good, concise information with thought provoking comments which were all very valuable and appropriate."                                                                                      Head of Year, London

"The presentation of the issues from first principles was very useful. A philosopical, moral, natural starting point is very unusual in such a presentation and was a sound foundation for the issues that followed."                                                                        Teacher, Bedfordshire

Thanks again for the excellent INSET. It provoked a great deal of discussion in department and year teams and has helped us consider a number of whole school issues.”

                                                                              Assistant Head Teacher, Sutton, Surrey


"After your visit the kids' moods in corridors and class seemed much more relaxed. Well done indeed!"                                                                 Senior Secondary teacher, London NW2


“It is a long time since I have heard such a good presentation on behaviour management. It was outstanding.”                                                                   Head Teacher, Luton High School

"Very interesting and thought provoking training for all teachers and non-teachers alike."

                                                                                                      Teacher, south London

"Extremely relevant and useful. Covered areas which, although done in teacher training, are often forgotten."                                                                                         Teacher, Surrey

"It was great to hear such a strong message. Radical, some may think - but clearly and positively presented so that even the cynics were converted. The speaker held the audience throughout. Thoroughly enjoyed it."                                                   Deputy Head, Bedford

"Elliott was going down the wrong road but now, because of SEED, he isn't"

                                                                                                       Mother of Year 10 boy

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